Medilink Cervical Collar Soft Neck Support C Collar Brace Belt

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Foam based neck collar usefull for, Neck pain , spondylosis , whiplash after surgery, cervical spine injury etc. Also reffered as Cervical collar brace splint or belt acts as emergecy cervical collar

Recommended for partial or controlled immobilization of cervical region.Preventive care to relieve muscle tension during work, travel and reading.Minor neck injuries like strain, sprains and automobile whiplash.

Uses: Neck pain, immobilization during sleeping or after surgery, cervical spondylitis, whiplash , stiff neck, Pinched nerve, cervical orthosis, herniated disc, Cervical support belt / wrap etc

More Information

1. High density soft foam

2. Provide effective immobilization, support, cushioning and comfort

3. Thick round edges for better immobilization.

4. Long Velcro tape ensures perfect fitting and easy application.

5. Easy to use,

6. Useful as first aid neck brace

Country of Manufacture India
Manufacturer MEDILINK
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